Video: An Inside Look at the Park and Play Program

Take an inside look at the new Park and Play program! This new initiative, which is free to participate in, will allow Prime Times and Honors Club Cardholders to pay and check in for their round of golf without having to go into the clubhouse.

Meredith Kirk: We’d like to talk to you today about our new Park and Play Program. The newly launched program started about a month ago and already has 600 participating members. Park and Play is available because our investment earlier in the year in a new point of sales system. We are excited to share and inform you of this new benefit. This program provides a safe and convenient check-in option when you arrive at any of our Founders collection courses.

Dustin Powers: The Park and Play Program, what is it and how did we get here? Park and Play Program is a program that allows you to arrive at the golf course, check-in at backdrop and at your tee time, go right to the first tee. Our operations and marketing team with the investment of new technology as Founders is always striving to be the leader in the market has come up with a new program under this new technology to help keep you safe and for your convenience, without having to deal with the hustle and bustle of the golf shop.

 Now that you know what it is and how we got here, how do you use it? First off, nothing has changed. You can book the way you’ve always booked either on the Prime Time or Honor’s website or directly through the golf shop. Whether you’re a single or a group up to 40, all we need to know at backdrop is your first and last name, the name of the group and your key tag number. We take care of the rest. The feedback on the program has been fantastic. From the guest standpoint, as well as the professional staff standpoint, it’s safe, secure, convenient, and it helps us serve all of you in a more efficient manner.

Honors Member: The Park and Play system was extremely easy. I went online, there’s detailed instructions, step by step. Not a problem whatsoever.

Honors Member: When you go in to golf, you drop your bags off. You tell them your group number or group name, your name and your Park and Play number. And that’s it. You don’t have to go inside.

Honors Member: Well, I just go on the computer and make my tee time like normal, drive to the golf course, pull up, tell the bag drop my name, my tag number. And off I go. Perfect.

Honors Member: We’re kind of a high risk for the Coronavirus, so we stopped playing with our group and we kind of were not playing because we didn’t know how to get in and out of a golf course without being in contact with so many people. It helped us to be able to play because with the virus going around, we couldn’t figure out how to play. And that really solved it for us. We can now manage to get in and out of a course without being in contact with a lot of people.

Honors Member: I have found the Park and Play Program extremely effective, easy, whatnot. I would recommend it to anybody that’s a member of the Founders Golf in the Prime Time or Prime Time on his program.

Honors Member: I would recommend it to all my friends. It’s great. It’s easy. It’s convenient.

Meredith Kirk: You can sign up for Park and Play by visiting,, emailing us at or at any of our Founders collection golf shops. We look forward to seeing you on the first tee.

CLICK HERE to sign up today!

Park and Play FAQ’s

  1. My credit card is not saved at the golf course, but I added it online.
    • You will need to log back into and return to the payment methods page. From the payment methods page you will need to individually “grant access” to all courses you wish to use the program with using the blue grant access button beside your credit card information.
  1. Will I still receive Honors Club points when using Park and Play?
    • You will automatically receive points for the golf course you are playing when using Park and Play.
  1. How do I use Park and Play if I play in a large group?
    • Your group can book as normal and you will still be able to use Park and Play. All you need to do is let the bag drop/starter know you are using park and play as well as the group name, your full name, and key tag number.
  1. Can I pay for multiple people using Park and Play?
    • You can pay for as many people as you like using park and play. You will need to let the bag drop/starter know the group name, your full name, and the number of people you wish to pay for. If the customer you wish to pay for is an Honors Club member, you will need to give their key tag number as well as their full name.
  1. Can I use Honors Club points to cash in a free round with Park and Play?
    • You will temporarily need to enter the golf shop in order to cash in points for a free round. We are working on way to ensure the process of using Honors Club points is simple and easy for both customer and staff.
  1. I have signed up to start Park and Play and have not received an activation email.
  1. I do not see Founders Collection Courses listed on the website to book rounds of golf.
    • The website is not used as a booking engine for Founders Golf. Please book using the Honors Club website or call to book all rounds.